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Help & FAQ

  1. How can I become a customer? Fill in the application form and we will activate your account as soon as possible.
  2. Where are you based? We are based in London, United Kingdon
  3. Do you keep stock of items you sell on your website? Yes, all our products featured on our website are kept in stock for immediate dispatch.
  4. Do your website prices include VAT? No. As this is a B2B website, all prices shown are without VAT. VAT will be added at the time of checkout
  5. What currency is your prices? As we are based London, United Kingdon, our prices are in UK pound sterling (GBP)
  6. Why can I not see your prices? You will need to first register and we will review your registration to be activated.
  7. Do you have a list of barcodes for the products you sell? No we currently do not, but we are planning to provide such a list in the near future.
  8. Do you provide credit accounts? No, we do not offer credit accounts at all. All orders need to be fully paid before dispatch.
  9. How can I pay? You can only pay with us via a bank transaction or card payment at the time of checkout