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Help and frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  1. How can I become a customer? Fill in the application form and we will activate your account as soon as possible.
  2. Where are you based? We are based in London, United Kingdom
  3. Do you keep stock of items you sell on your website? All our products featured on our website are kept in stock for immediate dispatch. If the item shows "out of stock", then please contact us for expected date for restocking.
  4. What is your lead time? If product is shown as in stock then it can be dispatched within 48 hours of order being placed.
  5. Do your website prices include VAT? No. As this is a B2B website, all prices shown are without VAT. VAT will be added at the time of checkout.
  6. What currency is your prices? As we are based London, United Kingdom, our prices are in UK pound sterling (GBP).
  7. Where is your price list? You will need to first register before you can view our prices under each productl listing.
  8. Why can I not see your prices? You will need to first register before you can view our prices under each product listing.
  9. Do you provide credit accounts? No, we do not offer credit accounts at all. All orders need to be fully paid before dispatch.
  10. How can I pay? You can only pay with us via a bank transaction or card payment at the time of checkout.
  11. What is your minimum order quantity MOQ? each product has a different MOQ. Refer to each product page to find out their MOQ.
  12. Do you offer bulk quantity discount? Yes, but only for particular items. These bulk quantity prices are shown on our website, but for only particular products where we can offer them.
  13. Do you have a catalogue? No, sorry we do not publish a catalogue for all the products we sell on our website.
  14. I am based outside mainland United Kingdom, can you deliver to me? We are very sorry, but we are currently only shipping to UK mainland (except Scottish Highlands)


  1. Do you offer small MOQs for some of your products? Yes for many items, you can buy just 1 item to obtain a trade price. We understand that you might not have much space in your shop or keep too much stock of slow selling items.
  2. Can I collect from your warehouse? We are sorry, but this is not possible. We no longer operate on a "cash and carry" basis.
  3. Can I pay you in cash? We are sorry, but this is not possible. We no longer operate on a "cash and carry" basis.



  1. Do you have any MAP policy? No we do not, but make sure you can pay your overheads and fees and other bills.
  2. Do you have a list of barcodes for the products you sell? Not yet, but we have started work on an excel spreadsheet file containing barcodes and product SKU codes. BUT IT WILL NOT CONTAIN PRICES. As prices changes more frequently, you will have to check the website for prices.
  3. Can I resell the products I buy from this website on ebay/amazon/etc? You are free to sell on any selling channel within the UK and the EU/EFTA. However we do NOT give any guarantees or assurances in relation to any selling platform you intend to use. Each selling platform has it's own rules and regulations that you must make sure you adhere to.
  4. Will I get an invoice? and can I use your invoice as a proof of purchase for online marketplaces? You can download the invoice for your order on the website. We do not give any gurantees that it can be used as proof of purchase for online marketplaces.

FBA Preparation:

  1. Do you ship directly for Amazon FBA? We can send you the carton size and weight and number of items inside each carton for you to generate shipping labels. We can then apply the shipping labels to the cartons and you can then arrange for the courier to collect from our warehouse. We are not responsible for goods once they have been delivered to your confirmed address
  2. Do you provide labelling service for Amazon FBA? No we do not provide any labelling service. You will need to do that yourself.
  3. Do you ship to a third party logisitics (3PL) company? Yes we can. Just make sure your order is over £100 for free delivery and make sure you put their delivery address in the order.